Small Businesses Are Doing Good In Spokane


There is a lot of potential for small business here in Spokane, Washington. Many seem to gravitate towards the bigger companies. But what many fail to realize is, it’s the smaller businesses in Spokane that offer the greatest chance of success.

Let’s take a look at why small businesses in Spokane, do so well.

Man standing in front of organic food store smiling

1) There is an unlimited potential for growth. It’s the smaller companies that offer the best options for their customers. The bigger companies tend to stay stagnate and work within certain limitations. The smaller businesses don’t have that issue. This makes them a prime candidate for expansion, when the time comes. Companies that budget their money right, allocating a hefty chunk to Internet advertising and SEO, are thriving. Companies like the Spokane’s SEO provider help small local businesses get more customers from the web.

2) It’s the smaller businesses that offer the best hope and chance for employment. Sometimes when a person goes for a job at a larger company, the chances are much slimmer. Over the last few years, Spokane has been contributing to about 50% of the expansive growth rate. That is over half, when compared to the whole job market.

When someone does get hired to one of these smaller companies, they chances of them staying there are increased. Small businesses tend to keep their employers a lot longer then other companies. They also value their employees much more. Since the company is so small, the boss can spend one-on-one time with each employee. That does make a difference at the end of the day. It’s the difference between keeping your employees and seeing them walk out the door.

3) Smaller businesses can handle the change in market much better. The larger a company gets, the more some of their brands become known as a “luxury”. In this day and age, most people can’t afford to spend extra money on frivolous items. The smaller companies can understand this no a level that other companies can’t. So they can respond to the changes. They can downsize when they need to, and upscale when the timing is right. The larger companies don’t always have that option. If they do, they end up throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

4) The management and the concept of innovation add to the success. Most small businesses only have a few supervisors or managers. The employees only have to hold themselves accountable to two or three people. With larger companies there is the issue of “too many chiefs, not enough Indians.” Everyone has an opinion and they like to throw it around, as much as they can. Smaller businesses won’t have this issue. The concept of innovation is also a lot more appealing. The ideas are considered a lot more by the management team. Each individual really feels as though he or she is a part of the family.

An added bonus, when compared to the larger companies, smaller companies handle productivity much more efficiently. Everything is more stream-lined. This helps the company do well and increase the profit. When the productivity is up, so is the morale of the company.

Pot Hole Season in Spokane

Those who live in and around the Spokane area know far too well what the harsh winter months and rainy season can do to the roads. In fact, every car owner knows that sinking feeling one gets when they hit a pot hole and then hit more as they seem to be just about everywhere. Pot holes are not just an eyesore, they can be hard to manipulate, avoid or even recover from if hit. They can cause accidents or vehicle damage and thus that is why one tends to see a lot of roadwork being done in areas that have their fair share of pot holes on highways, side streets, ,main roads and even city streets. Once you ruin your car with those potholes, it will be time to get another car. This weather drives many visitors to Spokane’s Used Cars that provides great information about how to buy a used car.

The winter months in Spokane can be some of the harshest in the country. The terrain lends itself to those snow storms and icy conditions that pile up on roads and then need removed for the safety of all drivers. This alone causes a weakening of the roadways and thus that eventually turns in to those pot holes every driver dislikes. It is a sinking feeling that one gets as they hit such a pot hole, whether driving fast or slow, as they throw a driver off balance for a bit and can even cause immediate vehicle damage.


In addition to the wear and tear the winter months bring with heavy snow removal equipment running up and down roads almost all the time; the rainy months also add to the problem. Spokane has a rainy season in the spring and sometimes summer that causes water to pool on roadways and where there are weak areas because of prior harsh conditions or even simply aging infrastructure, once again, more pot holes develop to the utter dismay of all drivers.

Roadwork is the most essential and suitable way to fix pot holes. Most are not simple fixes, though a few just need filled in; however, the majority need roadwork to ensure the pot hole does not reopen again due to traffic and cars driving over the spot. The right way to repair pot holes in through a professional process that better ensures those pot holes are gone and thus gone for good.

New Motorcycle Law in Washington

When you come near a stop light intersection at night, some stop sights are designed to detect a car waiting for a green light, but the motorcycle being small, the system will not detect it, leaving the motorcycle sitting at red for a ling time. Spokane has many intersections like this and they sometimes even don’t detect a car standing there waiting, not to mention a motorcycle.


This is why this new law was created, it allows the motorcycle to go ahead and cross through the intersection when it is safe to do so after waiting one cycle of the lights.

I can think of reasons this law will create more problems, but at the same time it is good for those that ride motorcycles. It all ends in the rider’s hands. If they decide to ride a smaller vehicle, they must take on the responsibility to make right decisions.

If I owned a motorcycle, I guess I’d be looking at it from a different perspective, but from the car point of view, I still believe motorcycle riders need to be more responsible.